Price list

Mens Haircut 500 DKK

Children's haircut
Womens haircut

Woman Haircut 700 DKK

Mens haircut

Children's Haircut up to 8 years From 300 DKK


Blowdry From 300 DKK

Roller Setting Styles From 300 DKK

Bridal Hair From 800 DKK

Bridal Trial From 500 DKK

Pin-ups From 100 DKK

Upstyles From 600 DKK

Hair Treatments

Express Repair Mask. From 100 DKK

Botox Hair Treatment From 300 DKK

Detox Exfoliant Shampoo From 200 DKK

Botox Protein & Herbs From 500 DKK

Bond Builder B3 Treatment From 400 DKK

Anti Frizz Keratin Treatment From 1.000 DKK

Long Lasting Hair Treatments

Natural Keratin Treatment to Straighten From 1.200 DKK

Qi Qi Vegan Straightener From 1.500 DKK

Qi Qi Vegan Curly Hair From 1.200 DKK

Hair Color

Semi/Permanent From 700 DKK

Hair Toner - Reflect From 400 DKK

Balayage / Highlights From 1.200 DKK

Chemical Reformation

Chemical Reformation Perm From 1.400 DKK

Bodywave From 1.400 DKK

**Travel fee From 200 DKK

Natural Keratin for Curly Hair From 1.200 DKK

Natural Keratin Filler for Fine Hair From 1.200 DKK

Qi Qi Vegan for Damaged Hair From 1.200 DKK

Gloss Color From 400 DKK

Curling wand Styles From 300 DKK

Teens Haircut from 9 - 15 years From 300 DKK